Copper Pipe Annealing Facility With Roller Conveyor

30 September 2022

We have competitive power in terms of quality products in copper production where our country is 95% foreign-dependent in terms of raw materials. When we look at the numer- ical data in the IDDMIB’s 2019-2020 evaluation report on the production of copper products, we see that export numbers are tend to increase.

According to the ICSG( International Copper Study Group) data , the most produced product is copper wire,with 63% , in industrial copper production used worldwide. Cop- per pipe production, with flat plate production takes second place with 12% in the copper production. However, copper pipe production has not seen the necessary importance in our country.

In the November comparison table of import figures of the İDDMİB 2019-2020 report, we see that the import of copper pipes is 1752 tons/month. The current table is due to the low production of cop- per pipes in Turkey. The difficulties experienced in the heat treatment phase of the copper pipe manufac- turing process in Turkey are due to the fact that the necessary tech- niques for heat treatment have not been mastered. We will contribute to the development of the sector by decoupling this deficiency with the long research we have done in our R&D center and Sistem Teknik In- dustrial Furnaces experience in the heat treatment sector.

Our roll conveyor copper pipe an- nealing facility, which we continue to design with our engineer team in our R&D center, will make the necessary contribution to the national econo- my by completing its production in 2022. We will have produced more than 50% of the amount of imported copper pipes in Turkey, with the commissioning of the facility with a capacity of 12,000 tons / year.

If we take a closer look at our facil- ity ; the total length of the facility is designing as 62 meters. We are creating a heat treatment facility with the technology to provide the same desired physical properties at every point of the copper pipe in a protective atmosphere created in ac- cordance with the copper annealing process. This 62-meter-long facility has the technology to be controlled by 2 operators in the same shift. There is a different experience, en- gineering and analysis at each point of the facility. Each of the hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and thermal powers has been calculated, ana- lyzed and constructed.

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