Roller Conveyor Furnaces And Heat Treatment Lines

8 October 2019

Roller Conveyor Furnaces are used in various industrial sectors for different processes like; after forging heat treatment in automative industry, annealing of LPG tubes, annealing of circular or square section products. Sistem teknik Roller Conveyor Furnaces are designed in compliance with norms requiring high level capability like AMS-2750 and CQI-9. Central recuperative, self recuperative or flameless burners with low NOx emission are used to achieve more efficient and environment friendly heat treatment.

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  • Annealing,
  • Bright Annealing,
  • Hardening,
  • Normalization,
  • Quench,
  • Tempering

Technicial Specifications

Capacity: Up to 10 tons/h
Heating: Electricity, Natural Gas, LPG
Temperature: 200 – 1.150 oC
Norms: ASTM, AMS-2750, CQI-9

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