Fire Resistance Test Furnaces

8 October 2019

Fire Resistance Test Furnaces are designed to determine and confirm fire and smoke leakage resistances of walls, floors, doors, windows, beams, columns and similar construction compenents both in horizontal and vertical planes.

Sistem Teknik Fire Resistance Furnaces accomplish to combine both customer needs and norm requirements and had been choice of many fire test laboratories in more than 10 countries.

Furnace Types

  • Vertical Fire Test Furnaces,
  • Horizontal Fire Test Furnaces,
  • Combi Type Fire Test Resistances,
  • Indicative Fire Test Furnaces,
  • Smoke Leakage Test Furnaces.

Heating Curves

  • ISO Curve
  • External Fire Curver
  • Slow Heating Curve
  • Hydro Carbon Curve
  • Modified Hydro Carbon Curve
  • Special curves

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