Chamber Type Furnaces

26 July 2019

The chamber type heat treatment furnaces specially designed for our customers, from the smallest parts to the largest parts. It can be designed and operated in accordance with high-capacity standards such as AMS-2750 and CQI-9. It is convenient and energy efficient for loading / unloading. Also, the materials can be homogenously heated by means of the circulation system at low temperatures.


  • Annealing,
  • Hardening,
  • Normalization,
  • Stress Reliefing,
  • Tempering,
  • Drying,
  • Curing,
  • Forging,
  • Mold Heating

Technicial Specifications

Capacity ; Up to 100.000 kg/charge
Heating System  ;  Electric, Natural Gas,  LPG,  Diesel
Temperature ; 200 – 1.300 ˚C
Compatibility ;  ASTM, AMS-2750, CQI-9

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