Furnaces for Leaf Spring Industry

26 July 2019

As Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces ;we design and manufacture all necessary furnaces for your leaf spring production with high efficieny, enviromental friendly and latest technology  according to your products and capacities.

We put your company and products one step forward with high reporting capability SCADA systems, high efficiency self-recuperative burners and low operating cost,low decarburisation with flameless burner technology ,fully compatibility with automative CQI-9 Quality system, ± 9 °C homogeniety in annealing furnaces and ± 5 °C homogeniety in tempering furnaces.

Furnace Types

  • Chain Conveyored End Heating Furnaces for Eye Forming
  • Walking Beam Type End Heating Furnaces for Taper Rolling
  • Center Hole Heating Furnace
  • Walking Beam Hardening Furnaces
  • Belt Conveyored Tempering Furnaces
  • “Thermal After Burner” Cleaning Systems
  • Complete Heat Treatment Lines

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