Boggie Hearth Type Furnaces

8 October 2019

Boggie Hearth Type Furnaces are designed for various products from small sized aviation materials to large size casting products. They can be designed and operated in accordance with high-capacity standards such as AMS-2750 and CQI-9. Boggie Hearth Furnaces can be operated via clean energy sources like electricity as well as petrol based fuels like Natural Gas and LPG with Central recuperative, self recuperative or flameless burners with low NOx emission.

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  • Annealing,
  • Hardening,
  • Stress Relieving,
  • Normalization,
  • After Welding heat Treatment,
  • Quench,
  • Tempering,
  • Drying,
  • Curing. 

Technical Specifications

Capacity: Up to 120 tons/charge
Heating: Electricity, Natural Gas, LPG, Diesel
Temperature: 300-1200 °C
Norms: ASTM, AMS-2750, CQI-9 

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