Gas Generators

8 October 2019

Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces manufactures wide range of atmosphere generators, ranging from Endothermic Generator, Ammonia Crackers, Exothermic generator and Nitrogen-Methanol systems. All generators engineered by precision control of finish gas analysis with maximum operating reliability and economy.

Generator Types;

Endothermic Gas Generator:

Capacity : 15 to 200 m³/hour

Exothermic Gas Generator:

Capacity : 15 to 120 m³/hour

Ammonia Cracker:

This unit is used for cracking of Ammonia to Hydrogen (%75) and Nitrogen(%25), with very low dew point out put gases.

Capacity : 15 to 80 m³/hour

Product Features

  • Simple structure requires easy and minimal maintenance work
  • Low energy consumption due to efficient insulation
  • Short heat up time
  • Easy operation
  • Easy output control
  • Low cooling water consumption

Technicial Specifications

Volume % of Different Atmosphere Constituents

Cracked Ammonia2575

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