Vacuum Tempering Furnace

5 July 2023

We have collaborated with Bodycote Istaş to produce an environmentally friendly, ergonomic, and energy-saving Vacuum Tempering Furnace under the brand Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces.

Sistem Teknik, a leading brand in the heat treatment, hot isostatic pressing, and surface technology sectors, with a customer network spanning over 180 countries, has established the Bodycote Istaş partnership with Istaş Heat Treatment, an important player in the Turkish industry since 1979. As Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces, we have designed and produced the Vacuum Tempering Furnace for the Bursa-based facility of Istaş.

Environmentally Friendly and Ergonomic

After approximately 3 months of project design, 3.5 months of manufacturing, and 2 weeks of quality control, our Vacuum Tempering Furnace was completed within 7 months. It features energy-saving capabilities, an environmentally friendly design, and a compact and ergonomic structure. With its meticulously crafted unique design, high-quality manufacturing process, and detailed quality controls, our furnace will quickly demonstrate its superiority in the heat treatment industry. We are pleased with this collaboration and congratulate Bodycote Istaş, looking forward to future projects.


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