AMS2750-E classification for Vacuum Furnaces

11 May 2020

Who would want high quality Class 1 vacuum furnaces with useful operation?

High quality products and processes require high quality heat treatment furnaces. Industries such as Aerospace specify the equipment and process parameters in accordance with standards.

AMS 2750-E is the well known standard to describe this type of parameters and requirements such as temperature uniformity in the defined work zone (TUS), instrumentation, calibration of the measurement device and system accuracy test (SAT). These type of parameters define classification of the furnaces.

Furnace classes are described in AMS 2750-E as below :

Sistem Teknik supplies the vacuum furnaces from Class 3 to Class 1 with all requirements of the AMS 2570-E standard and NADCAP. You can eliminate all the quality problems with Sistem Teknik high class vacuum furnaces.