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Our Quality Policy

Sistem Teknik ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Integrated Management Systems Policy;

As Sistem Teknik, we pay special attention to quality standards as we aim to be the most preferred company by the global aluminum sector for melting and heat treatment plants with our innovative designs and effective project management. Aiming to make aluminum recycling environmentally friendlier, lower industry emission values, and improve material efficiency, we are committed to:

  • developing innovative technologies, operational solutions and protecting our intellectual property rights,
  • ensuring high quality, minimum resource consumption and timely delivery conditions on our products
  • being transparent and solution manufacturer in all our processes with the aim of maximizing customer satisfaction,
  • apply the requirements of national and international standards in our designs and comply our products with all legal legislation requirements and customer specifications,
  • complying with all legal and other requirements that we are subject, to regarding occupational health and safety by preventing occupational accidents and occupational diseases, creating a safe working environment for our employees,
  • ensuring the continuity of control mechanisms that will determine the risks in advance, and that the hazards are eliminated or the risks are reduced in order to achieve our OHS goals,
  • complying with all legal requirements that we are subject to regarding the environment and to keeping the sensitivity of employees at the highest level in this regard by preventing environmental pollution at its source,
  • increasing the motivation of all employees, training them to improve their qualifications, developing teamwork and solidarity,
  • developing communication processes where our employees can easily communicate their demands and ideas both through themselves and employee representatives, and to providing consultation and participation of employees and employee representatives,
  • protecting the most important asset of our company, information, from all threats that may occur intentionally or accidentally from within or outside by evaluating it from the point of view of privacy, integrity and accessibility,
  • ensuring security in the activities of collecting, reporting, sharing and processing information,
  • meeting the requirements of management systems standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001), continuously improving and improving the effectiveness of their processes with planned and systematic approaches managed with a leadership approach,
  • providing all the necessary information and resources to achieve the goals.