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Our Policy

Sistem Teknik ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Integrated Management Systems Policy;

  1. Innovation: Developing innovative and environmentally friendly technologies to protect our intellectual property rights
  2. Effective Project Management: Ensuring high quality, minimum resource consumption, and timely delivery conditions on our products
  3. Quality: Establishing long-term business partnerships by maximizing customer satisfaction through the high quality of our products and processes
  4. Operational Safety: Complying with all legal and other requirements that we are subject, to regarding occupational health and safety by preventing occupational accidents, creating a safe working environment for our employees
  5. Risk Management: Managing risks effectively to comply with our organizational goals and to ensure continuously improvement in all of our processes
  6. Environment: Ensuring sustainability by preventing pollution at the source, using resources effectively and maintaining awareness of the employees at the highest level
  7. Compliance with Standards and Legislation: Compliance of our processes and products with national and international standards, our integrated management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001), all legal legislation requirements and customer specifications
  8. Employee Improvement: To improve the company’s performance through developing the employees’ competence
  9. Employee Participation: Creating effective communication and feedback mechanisms where our employees can easily express themselves in order to keep team motivation and solidarity strong
  10. Information Security: Ensuring the security of the information required for our company to continue to produce innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and to take information security as a basis in the communication we establish with our stakeholders
  11. Relationship Management: Establishing transparent communications with all our stakeholders to protect mutual interests