Transfer Car Systems

Sistem Teknik designs and produces multi-directional charging cars for coil/foil annealing centres. According to the application, the car can be equipped with a single or multiple shuttle system to charge furnaces across each other to save space.

Charging cars  semi-automatic or fully automatic with the loading capacities from 10 to 120 tons with a very robust steel construction. The speed of the car and the shuttle is controlled with a frequency controller for operational safety.

Charging cars consist of two main parts: the transfer car and the shuttle car. 

The shuttle car is made up of steel profiles to enhance structural rigidity and is equipped with a hydraulic system for vertical motion. The position of the shuttle car is controlled by an encoder and limit switches. 

The transfer car operates in line with programme receipts in manual, semi-automatic, or automatic mode according to specific requirements. The electrical motor drive system allows for the horizontal motion of the transfer car while a laser encoder and limit switches control the side positioning. 

The car communicates with furnaces via wireless technology. Wireless power transfer can also be used to power transfer cars.