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Slab & Ingot Casting Machines


Thanks to its more than 40 years of experience and the importance it attaches to innovative technologies, it produces the most environmentally friendly casting machines in the world.

The HMI and SCADA systems from Sistem Teknik control and display all important parameters, guiding operators through simple, repeatable, and consistent casting processes. The operator can see the furnace parameters as well as the casting parameters on large wall-mounted displays.

Slab Casting Machines

Sistem Teknik slab casting machines include the following features:

  • Casting capacity ranging from 10 to 50 tones per drop
  • Molds that are fixed or variable for varying slab thickness and width
  • With the use of oil, the surface quality is very high.
  • Reduced scalping thickness prior to heat treatment and rolling
  • Casting cylinders with multiple layers of ceramic coating
  • Table guidance for anti-rotation protection
  • A transducer or speed measuring system is used to ensure consistent casting quality and safety.

Ingot Casting Machines

Sistem Teknik ingot casting machines include the following features:

  • Casting capacity for 5-20 kg ingots ranges from 4 to 16 tones/hour.
  • Before casting, a heating process is used to eliminate the risk of an explosion.
  • Primary cooling options include air or water (air-cooling is preferred for preventing cracks due to lower cooling rate)
  • Water is used for secondary cooling.
  • A star-shaped automatic casting wheel designed to reduce surface oxidation.

The tilt control system for the flow control plug and star-shaped casting wheel has been optimized for level control as well as ingot height and slag formation. The ingots are stacked, weighed, and labeled by the robot after the casting process. The automatic strapping system is intended for use with metal or PET tape.