Slab Casting Machines

Sistem Teknik produces direct chill rolling mill slab casting systems that meet all quality requirements. The capacity of these slab casting systems varies from 10 tons/drop to 50 tons/drop while they can process slabs with a variety of thickness and width. With the use of oil, our casting systems ensure high surface quality as well as reduced scalping thickness before heat treatment and rolling.

Sistem Teknik offers fixed size molds as well as the variable molds for the width of the slab. In addition to state-of-the-art mold design, Sistem Teknik uses special multi-layer ceramic-coated casting cylinders. The use of table guidance through the casting cylinder piston rod allows the system to be equipped with anti-rotation protection. Furthermore, the integrated transducer/speed measuring system assures repeating success in product quality as well as the safety of the operation.

Sistem Teknik‘s HMI and SCADA systems control and display all important parameters to guide operators during easy, repeatable and consistent casting processes. With the casting machine big wall-mounted displays, operator can see all the furnace parameters as well as the casting parameters.