Single Chamber Aluminium Melting / Holding Furnaces

Sistem Teknik designs and manufactures single chamber aluminium melting/holding furnaces according to customer demands. The capacity of the furnaces vary from 15 to 150 tons of liquid aluminium with the melting rates up to 20 tons/h while the energy consumption varies between 500 and 700 kW/ton aluminium according to the application. 

Moreover, the single chamber aluminium melting/holding furnaces can be manufactured as stationary or tiltable depending on the usage and the layout. 

Optionally, the furnaces are also equipped with electromagnetic stirrers, porous plugs, and mechanical or electromagnetic pumps.


These furnaces are manufactured from a robust steel construction in a way to withstand thermal and mechanical stresses and are suitable for operation in heavy foundry conditions. The multi-part furnace door design with the perfectly sealing clamping system prevents deformation and damages during operation. The door is designed to open completely to the furnace bath, and therefore, provides easy cleaning, charging, and maintenance. 

High efficiency regenerative burners can be used for clean scrap while traditional cold air burners can be preferred for dirty scrap. Furthermore, an O2 injection system can be integrated into the heating system in order to increase the immediate O2 levels after scrap-charging. The furnace atmosphere pressure control system achieves low energy consumption, guaranteeing an environmentally friendly production process as well as low NOx  values.