Sistem Teknik’s After Sales team provides services 24/7 around the world in accordance with your requests for maintenance, repair, upgrading, modernization, and spare parts provision. 

Our after sales services department follows all EN, DIN, ISO 9001 standards, and guarantees fastest intervention and the services of competent team members with many years of experience in both mechanics and automation.  

In addition:
  • We renew the Occupational Health and Safety trainings at customer facilities every year to assure continuous improvement and the individual awareness of all employees.
  • In order to continuously improve occupational health and safety activities, we prepare periodical risk analyses with the aims of identifying and eliminating hazards in advance.

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After Sales Services Manager
                                e-mail:                                              phone: +90 (262) 658 22 26  extension: 1325


Spare Parts Specialist
                             e-mail:                                    phone: +90 (262) 658 22 26  extension: 1322