R&D Department

Since its establishment in 1979, Sistem Teknik has implemented many projects with the aim of designing innovative products and providing improved services. Our company has recieved the Trademark Registration Certificate in 2011 to specialise on the aluminium and composite industries while its R&D centre has been legally acknowledged by the Ministry Of Science, Industry, and Technology since 2016.

In line with the importance we attach to intellectual property rights, new models developed in our R&D centre are protected through frequent patent applications and utility model certifications. Our company has received many accolades for its R&D activities including the Achievement Award in the 6th Annual Technology Awards organized by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

Our research efforts have also been acknowledged by prestigious international projects like the Horizon 2020 funded by the European Commission.     As of 2020, our company is one of the 18 partners of the RETROFEED Project around Europe. In line with the requirements of this project, we produce and implement the core equipment that reduces carbon emissions and energy consumption in aluminium recycling. Through retrofitting and advanced monitoring, we aim to maximize energy and resource efficiency in aliminium recycling.   

In addition to our long history of acting as a harbinger of innovation in the aluminium sector, our company has gained sector-specific applications in the past decade in autoclave designs used for brands such as Airbus, Boeing, JSF, Skorsky, TAI – Atak, TAI – Anka. Since 2013, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey provides support for Sistem Teknik’s composite autoclave oven design which has become certified as a technological product. 

Our R&D centre continues to work with 22 researchers, 8 technicians, and 2 support personnel to improve the existing product quality, to develop new production technologies, to implement cost-cutting innovations, and to increase energy efficiency with an emphasis on sustainability. In order to give direction to the future of the industrial furnace and autoclave sectors, our R&D centre cooperates with research universities and carries out novel projects regarding technology. Our R&D centre aims to train more qualified personnel in technical and managerial areas and to increase their education levels toward graduate degrees. Furthermore, innovative ideas proposed by the centre’s team members are evaluated while the most qualified project ideas are awarded.

We strive to improve our expertise in innovative applications further to contribute to the development of the state-of-the-art technology in the global industry. Among our short-term targets, we aim to increase the efficiency of micro-based equipment in industrial furnaces.

Covering an area of 431,23 m2, Sistem Teknik R&D Centre consists of: 

1- mechanical project offices, 

2- R&D electrical project offices,

3- a prototype test laboratory.