Quality Policy

Product quality, reliability and customer satisfaction are key reasons to success and continuity for Sistem Teknik. Therefore, our company has adopted the policy of ensuring the continuous improvement and quality of our products and our organisation.

Sistem Teknik has documented the principles of its quality system in product design, engineering, supply of materials and services, manufacturing and assembly. The main objectives of the company have been determined in order to develop this system and ensure the optimum execution of the company activities.

Modern and efficient management and organisation are the ideals of our company.

Our principles regarding quality:

• We aim to increase quality through investing in the education and self-fulfillment of our employees.  
• We prioritise teamwork as the building block of our strategic and operational development.
• Honesty and transparency are the most indispensable aspects of every human relation.
• We continuously improve the effectiveness of our code of conduct regarding quality management.
• It is essential to work with our suppliers in accordance with the principle of long-term cooperation as a requirement of our quality policy.