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On Sustainability

As the Sistem Teknik team, we share the global concerns about climate change, and we are hopeful to see that the use of aluminium is expanding around the world as it replaces other materials such as steel, glass, and plastic. While this is certainly good news, the use of an eco-friendlier metal itself is not enough to lower greenhouse gas emissions. This is why as one of the largest technology providers to the global aluminium industry, we implement a strategical plan toward transforming our engineering solutions for more environmentally friendly outcomes. Some of the newest projects we have completed for reducing carbon emissions in the aluminium industry include the following:

  • Pyrolysis and delacquering systems that provide energy recovery while increasing the tolerance for dyed scrap up to 10 percent in aluminium recycling lines
  • Preheating chambers that recycle heat from flue gases to reduce energy use by 25-200 kWh/mt depending on the applied melting technology
  • Automation and control systems for optimizing burner control
  • Mechanical improvements for cast houses as well as extrusion lines that guarantee impeccable insulation.
  • Patented semi-axial fan technology for homogenizing furnaces
  • Smart retrofitting frameworks in continuous T-6 heat treatment lines that reduce energy use up to 25% compared to conventional methods