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Our Projects

Sistem Teknik's R&D Products Catalogue

Here are some projects we have finalized:

Fully Automated Dross Skimming Robot

When aluminum reacts with oxygen and other alloys, it oxidizes and forms a new compound. This resulting compound is known as dross, and it is a type of waste material. It is located at the highest level of molten metal and can block the metal on the launders, resulting in inefficiency.
Rendering human intervention completely unnecessary for the dross elimination process, Sistem Teknik designed skimmers to work with a fully automated control system to provide operational safety while minimizing the time for the furnace door to remain open and the damage to refractory material that results from the skimming process.
The dross removal process has become easier and safer without the need for human intervention thanks to fully automated dross skimming. High-temperature resistant cameras are used to collect visual data on the dross levels inside the furnace. Thus, dross levels are estimated, probability models are extracted, and dross skimming is accomplished by utilizing a telescopic arm with a cooling mechanism. Preheating chambers heat the aluminum material up to 150-200°C. Since the material enters the melting furnace in a heated state, the melting time is shortened.

Electromagnetic Stirrer

Sistem Teknik R&D Centre has developed electromagnetic stirrers for melting furnaces to speed up the melting process and minimize dross formation. The stirring process of molten aluminum is carried out without human intervention in aluminum melting furnaces by establishing an electromagnetic field with inductors situated beneath the furnace to maintain a more homogenous heat distribution. As a result of the ease of maintenance and the elimination of the need to open the furnace door, a 15% energy savings will be realized. Thus, the melting process is accelerated and slag formation is reduced.

ST Phoenix: Vortex Flame Regenerative Burner

Sistem Teknik-designed burners, which we call ST Phoenix, can be integrated into the control and automation system, and are suitable for use in most furnaces of European standard. Special design burner heads have a tolerance for contaminated scrap and reduce the dross rate. It is simple to maintain and change because of its quick-change design. As a part of the Retrofeed Project of Horizon Europe which is funded by the European Commission, the project was supported by the Polish Institute of Power Engineering and the Research Institute of Poland (EIN). Our trademark registration was approved in 2022, and we assigned the name ST Phoenix to our specially designed burner.

Preheating Chambers

Sistem Teknik Preheating Chambers operate with fully automated process control which provides higher efficiency and product quality.
Preheating chambers do not require an additional combustion system since they use the exhaust gases from the melting and holding furnaces.
Preheating chambers heat the aluminum material up to 150-200°C. Since the material enters the melting furnace in a heated state, the melting time is shortened.

RETROFEED Project (Part of the H2020-NMBP-SPIRE Initiative)

In accordance with our partnership in the RETROFEED Project funded by the European Commission, we implement smart retrofitting frameworks in the process industry with the aim of providing operations with variable, biobased and circular feedstock. Project Scope: Delacquering furnace, burner system with oxygen injection mechanism and oxygen measurement system. Project Goal: Lowering NOx emission and increasing the use of dirty scrap in aluminium recycling by 10%.

Oxygen Injection Systems

Because oxygen is one of the factors that most often affects burner performance in melting furnaces, oxygen injection systems are ideal for operating with ST Phoenix.
Integrated into the control and automation system, the oxygen injector allows for a fully automated melting process by adjusting air and gas entrances.
The oxygen injection system ensures low NOx combustion.

Acoustic Chambers / Mezzanines

Sistem Teknik designs and manufactures acoustic fan chambers to reduce the rate of occupational accidents caused by noise, which is 23 percent by providing sound insulation.
Acoustic fan chambers also increase the maneuverability in installation and maintenance operations by reducing the crowd above the furnaces.

Autoclave Design and Production for the Aviation Industry

As a result of years-long R&D processes and continuous improvements in our autoclave project, we are capable of designing and producing large autoclaves for aircraft components with a length of 14 metres and an inner diameter of 4 metres.

Fully Automatic Billet Casting System With Air and Oil Curtain Feature (Part of the H2020-NMBP-SPIRE Initiative)

In accordance with our partnership in the Horizon2020 funded by the European Commission, we provide fully automatic prototype production with air and oil curtains for casting aluminium billets with the diameters of 5″ (127 mm) – 7″ (178 mm) – 9″ (228 mm).

Refination System for Hydrogen Processing in Liquid Aluminium

With this project, our company has designed and built enhanced degassing units for eliminating hydrogen from both scrap and first-hand aluminium.