Multi Chamber Furnaces

Sistem Teknik designs and manufactures multi-chamber aluminium melting furnaces according to customer requirements. The capacity of the furnaces varies from 20 to 150 tons of liquid aluminium with the melting rates up to 12 tons/h while the energy consumption varies between 500 and 600 kW/ton aluminium according to the application. 

Moreover, multi-chamber aluminium melting furnaces mainly consist of double or triple chambers according to the scrap type and the furnace charging method.  Chambers are separated by refractory  walls in order to allow for independent processes. While contaminated scrap is melted inside the scrap chamber(s), melting chamber carries out the process of furnace heating.  

The melting chamber can process ingots, T-bars as well as thick gauge scrap. By means of an electromagnetic pump (with or without a vortex well) molten metal is transferred from the melting chamber to the scrap chamber continuously in order to have temperature homogeneity and finest quality alloying. By means of charging the alloying elements through a vortex well, the plant is capable of processing chips and small-sized scrap. 

Scrap is loaded to the bottom-retracted charging machine and put onto the balcony of the scrap chamber. Then the chamber proceeds with pyrolysing in a very low O2 environment for 20 to 25 minutes based on the scrap type and the level of contamination. The pyrolysed gas after the process is collected and transferred to the front of the main burners at the melting chamber to be burned for extra energy. This leads to a green process as well as energy recovery. 

While the melting chamber is equipped with high efficiency regenerative burners, a cold air burner is used for the scrap chamber in order to adjust the O2 level. Furnace atmosphere pressure control system achieves low energy consumption. Furnace is environmentally friendly and has low NOx values.