Ingot Casting Machines

Sistem Teknik ingot casting machines cast ingots weighing 5 to 20 kg with a capacity of 4 to 16 tons/hour. Turbulence is minimised along with surface oxidation as the molten aluminium is poured with an automatic star-shaped casting wheel. The tilt control system with the flow control plug and the star-shaped casting wheel have been optimized for level control and optimized for both ingot height and slag formation. The primary cooling process is carried out with water or air.

Sistem Teknik prefers air-cooled furnaces in cases in which there is no space shortage related to casting machine placement. Because of the low cooling rate in air-cooled systems, lower temperature differences occur while cooling ingots, preventing the formation of cracks. Heating of pre-casting molds in ingot casting machines is the key process for safety as it prevents moisture-induced explosions. Secondary cooling is carried out with water after the ingots are solidified.

After the casting process, the ingots are stacked, weighed and labeled by the robot. The automatic strapping system is designed to allow strapping with metal or PET tape.