Heating/Reheating Furnaces

Sistem Teknik designs and produces heating/reheating furnaces with regenerative systems. These furnaces have been  widely applied in the non-ferrous metal industry due to their great benefits, such as high energy efficiency, low pollutant emission, and high production yield. Sistem Teknik supplies continuous conveyor mesh belt furnaces and pallets for heat treatment processes. 

Heating/reheating furnaces are intended for intensive use and can be produced in a wide variety of sizes and temperature ranges.

Operating temperature : 400-500 °C

Holding at 540 °C for 1-1,5 hours,

Temperature homogeneity is in the range of ± 3 °C. PLC and SCADA interfaces are provided for a user-friendly experience and easy maintenance.

The benefits of industrial conveyor ovens for heat processing can be listed below:

  1. High Production Volumes
  2. Production Automation
  3. Process Flexibility
  4. Rapidly Heating
  5. Homogenising in each section