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As Sistem Teknik, we adopt a sustained, innovative and protective environmental policy based on sustainability in order to leave a healthy world to future generations with their ecological, social and economic structures.

We are working to protect the natural resources of the world, because we know that we are responsible for the environment and society.

In this context;

• We increase our efficiency by continuously optimizing our production processes and using the synergies that occur. 
• Our technologies stand out with their high sustainability and environmental compliance.
• In order to ensure sustainability, we pay attention to keep the energy need and raw material need as low as possible in production: For example, we use energy-efficient materials to recover energy. Our products have a long service life thanks to very robust components and high production quality.
• We provide added value by minimizing the carbon emissions of our customers by optimizing the energy consumption of our furnaces.
• We aim to realize production with zero occupational and environmental accidents by making our investments to people, information and technology with a sensitive approach to society, employees and the environment.
• To ensure and maintain a safe and healthy working environment; We comply with all legislation, administrative regulations, legal responsibilities and standards related to health, safety and environment.
• We prioritize taking into account the health, safety and environmental impacts of the technology, raw materials and auxiliaries used and take the necessary measures.
• We aim to achieve continuous improvement by providing a common perspective in compliance with health, safety and environmental requirements at all levels of the organization.
• We provide training opportunities to our employees at all levels in order to ensure continuous improvement in our processes.
• We care about using natural resources at minimum level.
• We minimize environmental emissions from products, services and activities.
• We try to set an example with the sensitivity to the environment and society by keeping corporate social responsibility awareness always in the forefront.