Our Policies
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Our priority targets regarding Occupational Health and Safety; to observe with all legal and other conditions, to prevent harm to people, to eliminate accidents and occupational diseases, to create a safe and safe work environment for our employees to achieve success in Occupational Health and Safety issues.

• We acknowledge that no work is urgent and important enough to be carried out unsafe and that it will be carried out with the awareness of Occupational Health and Safety, and we provide Occupational Health and Safety trainings to bring this awareness to our employees.
• We renew trainings on Occupational Health and Safety practices every year, thus providing continuous improvement, improvement and individual awareness of employees.
• In order to continuously improve occupational health and safety activities, we ensure timely and accurate risk analysis to identify and eliminate hazards in advance.
• We distribute the responsibilities of occupational health and safety in all aspects and stages of the program and continuously monitor, review and review all events in order to identify areas in need of improvement.

In order to ensure the effective implementation and continuous improvement of these principles, as Sistem Teknik, we undertake to ensure the continuity of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System including all construction sites operating in Turkey and abroad.