Electromagnetic Pump & Stirrer Systems

Electromagnetic stirring and pumping systems for aluminium heat processing plays a significant role in improving cost-efficiency as well as product quality. Molten metal stirring by means of noncontact systems like electromagnetic stirrers are safe and easy to apply to the melting and holding furnaces from the bottom or the side of the furnaces. Under usual circumstances, mechanical stirring or mixing of the molten aluminium cannot be done continuously since the operation needs the furnace door to remain open. Such conditions may create non-safe operation for the operator, lead to energy loss as well as excessive dross formation. 

By the electromagnetic stirring system, continuous stirring of the molten metal is possible as it gives easy heat transfer inside the furnace as well as homogeneous temperature distribution, and more effective aluminium alloying.

When the electromagnetic stirring systems are operating, the oxide layer over the molten aluminium is not disturbed and this lead to reduced dross formation, higher production capacities, and less energy usage.

Sistem Teknik offers both air and water-cooled electromagnetic stirring solutions by applying them to new plants or existing melting/holding furnaces. By means of transfer cars, it is also possible to use one electromagnetic stirrer for 2 furnaces.

Sistem Teknik also offers electromagnetic pumps for the single chamber or multi-chamber furnaces. Electromagnetic pumps (water-cooled) with change wells allow for the recirculation of molten aluminium as well as alloying, thus making it possible to charge small shredded scrap and chips to side well furnaces and multi-chamber furnaces . Sistem Teknik electromagnetic pumps (with or without charge well applications), allows molten metal transfer or recirculation to go up to 800 tons/h.