Drying / Preheating Chambers

Sistem Teknik designs and produces drying/preheating chambers for casting plants in order to provide significant energy savings by using waste gases from the melting furnaces as well as to maintain safety in melting operations. The scrap drying process is one of the most crucial steps of production in casting plants in terms of operational safety since all liquid content hidden inside the scrap creates explosion risks. While the drying/preheating chamber eliminates this risk, it also uses energy provided by the waste gases coming from melting furnaces. This not only leads to great levels of energy savings but also results in an increase in the melting capacities of the furnaces by shortening the cycle times for melting.  

Mainly for preheating requirements, Sistem Teknik can design these chambers with gas and electrical heating in addition to waste gases from the melting furnaces. Recirculation fans used in these chambers allow for the material to be heated in only 90 minutes while the material temperature goes up to 150 °C. The capacity of the chambers varies from 5 to 50 tons of scrap, ingots or T-bars with operating temperatures up to 500 °C.  

Since the layout of these chambers depends on the location of the scrap fields inside customer facilities, Sistem Teknik also supplies insulated waste gas piping from the melting furnaces for these chambers.