Drop Bottom Heat Treatment Furnaces

For the solution heat treatment of aluminum alloys, drop-bottom heat treatment furnaces are used. Drop-bottom furnaces can be built in a variety of sizes to meet the customer requirements. Because solution heat treatment and quenching are combined into a single controllable operation, these furnaces are typically used when very short water quenching times are required.

A drop-bottom furnace sits on a platform, with the quenching tank beneath it. For the quenching process, the furnace platform moves horizontally. The loaded basket is guided into the quenching tank by wire cables. The lifting system can be operated fully or semi-automatically. Recuperative burners or hairpin resistors provide heating.


The average solution period varies depending on the material cross-section:

  • Heating time: 1.5 hours from 20°C to 540°C
  • 7 seconds of quenching (as the doors start to open)
  • Maintaining a temperature of 540 °C for 4-5 hours (the maximum furnace temperature is 650 °C).

Sistem Teknik manufactures Class 1 furnaces in accordance with the AMS 2750E process specifications.