Die Heating Oven

Sistem Teknik designs and produces die heating ovens for press extrusion dies that are heated before the extrusion process. Since the temperature homogeneity at the die is very important for the isothermal extrusion, Sistem Teknik die heating ovens guarantee the temperature homogeneity over the extrusion die by temperature control systems in both gas heated or electrically heated ovens. By means of horizontal air flow, temperature homogeneity of ± 5 ° C is achieved.

In gas heated ovens, heating is provided by self-recuperating gas burners with radiant tubes, while in electric heated ovens, they are heated by tube resistances.

Pneumatic (or hydraulic) actuated doors enables the loading of the dies from the top (or front) easily. Extrusion dies can be also loaded into the oven with the bolsters.

These ovens are also capable of operating with automatic die loading and unloading systems.