Degassing Units

Sistem Teknik designs and produces degassing units for molten aluminium refining for the hydrogen, inclusions and alkalis. Sistem Teknik degassers (ALDEGAS & ILDEGAS) are used in log/slab casting lines, continuous casting lines (coil, strip, rod) and even in small ingot casting lines. Thanks to the special bath design and the use of proper rotating nozzles, excessive mixing of the molten aluminium is avoided, diminishing dross formation during degassing significantly. As a result of the shortened degassing periods, metal inside the degassing box always remains at low levels to ensure efficient processes. The degassing system works by purging gas argon through the rotating nozzles for hydrogen removal. An alternative system which purges chlorine also exists for customers who focus on eliminating alkalis and inclusions.

Due to the small size of the equipment, Sistem Teknik degassers can be easily placed in existing small layouts while the ALDEGAS system is available both stationary and tiltable types. Stationary types have rotating system for easy maintenance also. Sistem Teknik keeps all the spare parts available for the degassing units in stock.

The features of Sistem Teknik degassers can be summarised as the following:

  • Capacity: 5-50 tons/hour
  • Heaters: Immersion type, 2 SiC Heater elements in Sialon protective tube
  • Process Gas: Ar, N2  (Optional Cl)
  • Gas Injection: through 2 ea. Graphite rotor (or more)
  • Amount of aluminium remaining in the crucible after casting: 400-1350 kg