Contunious T-6 Heat Treatment Line

Sistem Teknik designs and builds continuous T-6 heat treatment lines for aluminium casting. While heat treatment includes a solvus curve, the process consists of solution annealing, quenching, and aging.  Depending on the material cross-section, the average solution period is as the following:

  • Heating from 20 °C to 540 °C in 1.5 hours,
  • Quenching for 7 seconds (as the door starts to open)
  • Holding at 540 °C for 4-5 hours (max. furnace temperature is 650 °C).

The design of the furnace elevator and door allows the loss of time between solution annealing and quenching to be minimised. The temperature homogeneity inside the oven is ± 5 °C as fans circulate the air continuously. Heating is provided by recuperative burners or hairpin resistors. The temperature homogeneity of the water in the tank is also ± 5 °C. The control of the water level in the tank and automatic water supply system are available in case of a decrease in the water level. Air and water temperatures in the furnace and water tank respectively are controlled and recorded in the SCADA system continuously.