Continuous & Batch Type Homogenising Furnaces

Continuous Type Homogenising

Sistem Teknik offers continuous furnaces with a capacity that varies from 2 to 18 tonnes/hour for homogenising aluminium logs from 4 to 12” diameters with lengths up to 8200 mm. Temperature homogeneity in continuous furnaces is less than ± 3 °C while the process time is reduced by 50% compared to batch type furnaces. From the receipt of the billets to the packaging process, all movements are carried out automatically through the entrance conveyor in the system. Automated processes in continuous furnaces allow for every log to undergo the same heat treatment conditions, increasing production quality significantly. 1250 °C/h cooling rates are easily achieved with the use of the turbo cooling system. Using an ultrasonic examination station, crack inspection is made especially for alloys used in the aerospace and automotive industry.

Sistem Teknik’s continuous homogenising centres consist of:

  • Complete Log Loading System
  • Log Transfer Conveyor
  • Ultrasonic Inspection Station
  • Sawing Machine
  • Transfer Cars
  • Furnace Log Loading Conveyor
  • Gas Heated Continuous Type Aluminum Logs Homogenization Furnace
  • Continuous Type Aluminum Logs Cooling Cabinet with Fast Cooling Option
  • Cooling Cabinet Exit Conveyor
  • Semi-Automatic/Automatic Log Strapping Machines
  • Marking Unit

Batch Type Homogenising

We also produce reversible batch type log homogenising furnaces with temperature homogeneity less than ± 5 °C and a capacity that varies from 10 to 110 tonnes/charge. Logs with the diameters from 4 to 16” and lengths up to 8200 mm can be processed in these furnaces. 

Sistem Teknik also supplies stacking and de-stacking systems that provides unmanned loading and unloading operations that are both safe and easy. For the batch type homogenisation centres, high cooling rates are achieved by reversing air flow and water-misting in cooling cabinets (cooling speed 3 to 4.5 °C/min). 

With the integration of automatic multi-directional charging cars into the system, the logs are transferred from stations to the furnaces and the cooling cabinets in a safe way.