Composite Curing Ovens

Sistem Teknik produces composite curing technologies with the most advanced designs and analysis tools in accordance with specific customer requirements. Our strong knowhow on composite systems allows us to meet the critical quality and persistency requirements of aerospace and defense industries. Our composite curing ovens (CCOs) comply with the AMS standards and meet the ones determined by our customers. Moreover, CCOs are one of the most cost-effective production solutions in the aerospace industry

Thermal curing processes for thermoset and thermoplastic materials are carried out in CCOs. Multi-section vertical air flow systems grant excellent temperature uniformity in various structural parts. Part-based multi-point temperature measurement system allows for the control and regulation of the temperature of each part with the state-of-the-art mathematical model-based control system.

A user-friendly state-of-the-art automation system is one of the most critical parts in composite production processes. Complete batch and part-based reporting systems integrated to CCOs can monitor numerical trend values as well as all critical information regarding the production process. The complex quality reporting system follows every detail about production and prevents any mismatched quality requirements. Batch and recipe management systems with the integrated data redundancy system are also designed to control every detail of the curing process.