Composite Autoclaves for Aerospace and Defence Industry

Sistem Teknik has specialized in composite autoclave manufacturing. Our autoclaves are used for the curing of fiber and reinforced honeycomb matrix composite materials for the aviation industry.

The autoclave process control system has been developed as the result of a year-long R&D project and offers many important services such as integrated production reporting, the automatic calibration system, quality reporting and the advanced recipe infrastructure. These features of the control system ensure that cured composite products are manufactured without error or interpretation.

Autoclaves that are capable of curing thermoset and thermoplastic resin composite materials can work up to 450 °C and 21 bar process values.

P 355GH high temperature carbon steel is used in autoclave bodies are designed according to the AD 2000 Code standard. Pressure tests with water are carried out by a third party organization during accreditation.

Sistem Teknik is capable of producing autoclaves up to 5 metres in diameter and 16 metres in length, complying with aviation and defense industry standards.