Chip Remelting Plants

Sistem Teknik establishes facilities for melting aluminium chips resulting from various mechanical processes up to 100 tons/day capacity. In chip melting furnaces, aluminium chips resulting from sawing and machining are subjected to magnetic metals separation and drying processes before being charged to the melting furnace. The oil/moisture content is reduced to 0.5%, and the melting furnace is charged from vortex well to minimise oxide formation and metal loss.

The chips are continuously charged with 2 to 5 tons/hour capacity and fed to the melting furnace after moisture and oils are removed.

The melting furnace is fed through the vortex well on the electromagnetic pump (or mechanical pump) while the chips are instantly immersed in liquid metal, resulting in metal loss of less than 1%. 

With the very low NOx burners used in the system, both environmentally friendly and very low energy consumption (550-600 kW/ton aluminium) facilities are installed.