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Charging Cars


The car communicates with the furnaces to transfer data on the load weight, and production cycles are planned automatically.

Sistem Teknik builds scrap charging cars for aluminum melting furnaces in order to optimize the recycling and production processes for aluminum. These charging cars with an innovative camera system, use machine learning and Iot solutions to provide safe and efficient operations in cast houses.

Due to its heavy construction structure, the car can charge 2 to 20 tons of scrap, ingot bundles, or T-bars and is available with diesel or electric motor-driven options. It can be divided into two types based on the following purposes:

  1. Charging scrap to the melting furnace ramp (charging table retracted – commonly used in multi-chamber melting furnaces),
  2. Feeding scrap into the metal bath of the melting furnace via the pusher plate.

One of several features that make charging car designs user-friendly is the ability to swap out charging boxes. Furthermore, during loading, the specially designed trolley hood prevents gases from escaping through the melting furnace door and entering the foundry atmosphere.