Charging Cars

Sistem Teknik designs and produces scrap charging cars in accordance with the melting furnace door with the specific aim of optimising the charging process. In addition, the trolley hood (made upon request) prevents the release of gases from the melting furnace door into the foundry atmosphere during loading.


The car can be designed in two distinct types according to the following purposes:

1- to charge scrap onto the ramp of the melting furnaces (here, the charging table is retracted – usually used in multi-chamber melting furnaces),

2-  to charge scrap into the metal bath of the melting furnaces through the pusher plate.


Both cars are capable of charging from 2 to 20 tons of scrap, ingot bundles or T-bars due to their heavy construction structure and are available with diesel or electric motor-driven options.   

There are several features that make the charging car designs user-friendly such as the option of exchangeable charging boxes. 

Moreover, the operator’s cabinet on the car and the camera system in front of the cabinet ensure that the operator can see the interiors of the furnace safely. 

This camera system can be controlled remotely through wireless communication operator consoles. As a result of the wireless communication between the furnace and the car, the furnace door can be opened and closed over the car.