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Sistem Teknik is aware that our most important resource is Human Resources; We aim to provide a working environment that will enable our employees to have common values, work with high efficiency and create added value by keeping our commitment at the highest level.

In this context, our human resources policy;

To keep the satisfaction and productivity of our teammates at the highest level by creating a healthy environment for teamwork.
To ensure that our teammates are assigned to tasks according to their knowledge and competencies,
To determine the training needs of our teammates, to prepare training programs, to develop their professional and individual competencies,
To create a safe working environment for our teammates,
To encourage the sense of responsibility in our teammates,
To provide an open communication environment,
Zero tolerance for discrimination within the company due to language, ethnicity, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, creed, age, physical disability or similar reasons.


Sistem Teknik’s top priority is to provide its employees with a safe, satisfying and productive working environment. When we run large projects with timelines, we work here as a large and competent team of over 150 people. We are trying to expand our team in line with our growing production capacity.

If you are willing to be one of our teammates, you can see open positions or send your CV to


Sistem Teknik offers internship opportunities to young individuals and creates an educational environment for them to gain important experience for work as well as academic life.

During internship programs, our trainees participate in in-house training and technical knowledge development programs and gain work experience that will play an important role in their career development.

With the internship program, young individuals get the chance to directly participate in large-scale production processes as well as daily operations.

To apply for the internship program, please email with a resume and a one-page statement of purpose explaining why you are interested in our company and the industry in general.