Batch Type Homogenizing

Sistem Teknik produces reversible batch type log homogenization furnaces with temperature homogeneity less than ± 5 °C and a capacity that varies from 10 to 110 tons/charge. Logs with the diameters from 4 to 16” and lengths up to 8200 mm can be processed in these furnaces. Sistem Teknik also supplies stacking and de-stacking systems that provides unmanned loading and unloading operations that are both safe and easy. For the batch type homogenisation centres, high cooling rates are achieved by reversing air flow and water-misting in cooling cabinets (cooling of logs at 3 to 4.5 °C/min. can be achieved). With the integration of semi-automatic or automatic charging cars with unidirectional or bidirectional movement capabilities into the system, the logs are transferred from stations to the furnaces and the cooling cabinets in a safe way.