Batch Type

Sistem Teknik designs and produces batch type slug annealing furnaces according to quality expectations, alloy requirements, the diameter variety, and the layout. Furnace capacity varies from 1 to 10 tons/charge. Batch type slug annealing furnaces have direct and indirect gas heating systems with the self-recuperator burner and the radiant tube. Temperature homogeneity is within the range of ± 5 °C.

PLC and SCADA interfaces are provided for a user-friendly experience and easy maintenance. These interfaces monitor numerical trend values as well as all critical information about the production process. Moreover, the complex quality reporting system that is integrated to the furnaces allows for detailed process analysis to avoid any unmatched quality requirements.

Semi-automatic or automatic charging cars with unidirectional or bidirectional movement capabilities transfer slugs from the stations to the next process and provide maximum operational safety.