Aluminium Foil Annealing Furnaces

Sistem Teknik designs and produces aluminium foil annealing furnaces (AFAFs) for the annealing process as well as the removal of the oils remaining on the material from the rolling process.

As opposed to many other companies in the industry, Sistem Teknik uses a negative atmosphere system in these furnaces, ensuring highly efficient removal of rolling oils from the foils. AFAFs are manufactured with N2 atmosphere according to alloy requirements. 

AFAFs are produced with indirect gas heating (with self-recuperator burner and radiant tube) or electric heating. Temperature homogeneity is in the range of ± 3 °C. 

PLC and SCADA interfaces are provided for a user-friendly experience and easy maintenance.

Due to the drive controls of the fans in the system, less energy is consumed during the soaking period. The economiser allows fresh air suction and the provision of protective gas (N2) while the furnace exhaust heats these gases into the furnace, increasing energy savings further.

The charging car in the system enables loading and unloading bidirectionally for the furnaces and the stations.