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Aluminium Ageing Oven

Sistem Teknik designs and manufactures ageing ovens for aluminum extrusion profiles. We have double-length (16 m) aging ovens with up to 24 baskets and single-length (8 m) aging ovens with 12 baskets. We ensure that production processes after extrusion are completely automated by integrating smart loading cars into the system.

Ageing ovens are heated up to 185 °C in less than an hour using electricity or natural gas (indirectly), and the entire heat treatment process takes 6 hours, allowing the application to take place four times per day.

The use of the reversible end flow system (changeable air flow direction) maximizes temperature homogeneity inside the ovens, ensuring excellent hardness along the entire length of the profiles.

The system’s recirculation fan moves horizontally through the reversible end flow system, directing hot air generated in the thermo-blocks into the oven. Ageing ovens can achieve desired material temperature homogeneity within +3 °C tolerance based on the particular time intervals during heating.

While two transfer cars at the entrance and exit zones handle the loading and unloading, chain or roller conveyor systems can also be used.