Our Policy Regarding Sustainability

As Sistem Teknik, we understand and share the concerns for global warming and prioritise sustainability with the goal of leaving a livable world to future generations.

We are working to protect the natural resources of the world as we are aware of our responsibilities pertaining the environment and the society we work in.

Within this context:
  • We design and build furnaces and other industrial equipments that operate with low levels of COx and NOx pollution. Our technologies stand out with high sustainability and environmental compliance.
  • We pay attention to keeping the energy and raw material needs during production as low as possible for our customers. Our products have a long service life thanks to our first-rate engineering, industrious production teammates, and energy-efficient materials used during production. We provide added value by minimizing the carbon emissions of our customers and optimizing the energy consumption of our furnaces.
  • We strive for production with zero occupational and environmental hazards and reserve a significant portion of the company budget to trainings and novel technology in order to establish a sensitive corporate approach to individuals, the society, and the environment.
  • To ensure and maintain a safe and healthy working environment; we comply with all legislation, administrative regulations, legal responsibilities and standards related to health, safety and environment.
  • We prioritise the health, safety and environmental impacts of the technology, raw materials and auxiliaries used in our company.
  • We aim to achieve continuous improvement by providing a common perspective in compliance with health, safety and environmental requirements at all levels of the organization.
  • We provide training opportunities to our employees at all levels in order to ensure continuous improvement in our processes.
  • We minimise environmental emissions from services and activities as well as from products.
  • Through emphasising our sensitivity to the environment and society, we intend to become an exemplar of corporate responsibility and awareness.

In line with our environmental policy, we take certain measures within our facilities:

  • Carbon emission is monitored monthly while studies are carried out for continuous reduction.
  • Waste that comes out of production processes is recycled by the authorized institutions for reuse, thus minimising the damage to the environment.
  • The use of environmentally hazardous products is prohibited in the company.