Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our priorities regarding occupational health and safety are to observe with all legal and other conditions, to prevent harm to people, to eliminate accidents and occupational diseases, and to create a safe work environment for our teammates.

  • We acknowledge that no work is urgent and important enough to be carried out under unsafe conditions and that each and every activity must be carried out with the awareness of Occupational Health and Safety. In order to ensure a safe work environment and an awareness for safety, we provide mandatory “Occupational Health and Safety” trainings for all employees.
  • We renew these “Occupational Health and Safety” trainings every year, thus assuring continuous improvement and the individual awareness of all employees.
  • In order to improve occupational health and safety activities, we prepare periodical risk analyses with the aims of identifying and eliminating hazards in advance.
  • We distribute the responsibilities of occupational health and safety in all aspects and stages of the organisation while continuously monitoring and reviewing all production activities in order to identify areas in need of improvement.

In order to ensure the effective implementation and continuous improvement of the abovementioned principles, our company undertakes the continuity of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System in all construction sites operating in Turkey and abroad.