About Us

Our company, founded in 1979 by two METU college friends, Orhan Obali and Mehmet Bzdelik, specializes in the design and production of melting and heat treatment furnaces for the aluminum industry, as well as autoclaves and curing ovens for carbon fiber composite materials. We have built over 1300 custom design turn-key facilities in 35 countries around the world as of today. We are one of Turkey’s largest machinery exporters and one of the top five global producers of furnace technology for the aluminum sector.

In addition to design, production, and commissioning, we provide after-sales technical services for thermal process facilities. Our furnaces are designed and manufactured to meet all customer requests, utilizing the most recent control system technologies and meeting the specific requirements of ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

Our R&D center, which has over 40 employees and is a significant participant in the Horizon2020 Platform, focuses on making aluminum recycling more environmentally friendly as well as expanding the use of composite materials through the implementation of novel technologies.

We believe that development and innovation are fundamental aspects of any business.  In accordance with this vision:
  • Our company houses engineering and project management departments that oversee design and manufacturing in accordance with international standards. Before production begins, our engineers use software that supports 3D design and analysis, as well as CFD analyses, during the design process.
  • Customizes technological processes to provide specialized solutions for each customer, 
  • Designs and develops new projects with the same enthusiasm and passion for each new project
  • With its turn-key strategy, it connects investors with a single company.
Provides high-efficiency and energy-saving heat treatment lines and cast houses